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Measure your indoor wellbeing.
Increase productivity.


Every Company cares about the health
and productivity of its employees.

Most indoor pollutants are produced by humans, their excessive concentration can reduce productivity by up to 20%.

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We don’t realise how much polluted air we breathe.

We spend about 90% of our time indoors, where pollutant levels are often higher than those outside. Indoor pollution is estimated to cause thousands of respiratory health problems each year. (EPA)

Up to 15 sensors to take care of your health.

Aircare® monitors 3 indoor key factors: air quality, environmental comfort and electromagnetic pollution. We believe these 3 factors are fundamental to your well-being.

Three environments to monitor

Aircare ® is the first IoT device SIMA certified (Società Italiana Medicina Ambientale) for PM2.5 and CO2 measures.

DL 81/08

Testo Unico sulla sicurezza del Lavoro

Aircare is compliant with the WELL Standard
Aircare complies with the specifications required by the WELL Building Standard, the most advanced international standard currently available for assessing the healthiness of buildings developed by the International WELL building institute.

Simple and useful,
like your breath.

The power of breath enclosed in a small intelligent device


Aircare® is a compact smart device, with a flat white surface and a simple and linear design. Small slots on all sides allow continuous ventilation for effective air quality measurements.

100% at your (health)service.

AIRCARE® constantly monitors the environmental factors that can negatively affect your well-being.

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VOC – (Volatile Organic Compounds)
IAQ – Index Air Quality
CO2 equivalent
Sound Pressure
Ambient light
Atmospheric pressure
 High frequency
Low frequency
Wifi (Networks)
WiFi (Level)