People &
Smart Building
Aircare® the innovative service to enhance people and work spaces.
Our service focus on people's indoor well-being and energy efficiency of your building

Through 4 key modules, we want to create a positive impact on both people and workspaces:

We turn data into insights for your business

A scalable, modular and versatile solution to simplify and connect the desired environment.

A platform for monitoring and managing your buildings that fits your business needs perfectly. Aircare offers a full-managed, ready-to-use service that includes:

Feasibility study and project delivery
Customization and systems integration
Support, managed service, customized reports
Explore the features of our products:

Aircare 2.0

Essential design for an innovative device.

Aircare Mini

The IoT Smart solution for Facility Management.

Dashboard IoT

Discover the IoT platform
keys in hand.

Facility Management:

Optimize the management of your facilities.

System integrator:

IoT and integration for smart environments.


Innovation and insight for healthy environments.

Aircare your trusted partner

Our technology enables you to collect and process valuable data and use it to implement efficient solutions and make informed, concrete and scalable choices. In this way we will be able to help your organization achieve its sustainability goals.

Aircare will help you ensure a healthy, productive and comfortable work environment.


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