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What's in the box

In the Aircare box you will find, in addition to the device, its power supply, the quick guide and the wall fixing plug with the relative template to facilitate positioning.

What do I need to configure Aircare?

Before configuring Aircare you need to have the APP installed, be logged in and be with the APP near Aircare. Also make sure to place Aircare in a place covered by the Wifi network to which you want to connect it to.

How do I set up my Aircare?

After logging into the Aircare APP, click + on the lower menu. Follow the instructions, they will ask you to frame the QR code placed under the device and select the WiFi network to which you want to connect it to. You can also define the name of the location where you are positioning it, for example “Home” or “Office”, and specify it’s actual location as “Kitchen”, “Meeting Room” etc.

I can't set up my Aircare

The “configuration” mode consumes a lot of battery, which is why Aricare stays there for 90 seconds and then switches off.
Make sure you have everything ready before turning this mode on.

How can I add several Aircare to my account?

After logging into the Aircare APP, click + on the lower menu.
You can manage up to 3 Aircare for each account

The app does not allow me to add an Aircare

The causes can be:

  • you have reached the maximum limit of 3 Aircare per user
  • the Aircare you are trying to add is already associated with another user. To proceed with the unlocking contact the Aircare support

I can not set Aircare in configuration mode

Turn off Aircare (hold down the power button for 5 sec) wait a few seconds and then press again for 10 seconds, the device will make a sound and the central ring will show a flashing blue light. It will remain in configuration mode for 90 seconds.

How do I install my Aircare on a wall?

In the package you will find a wall mount for the device. After having inserted the tapered tube inside the whole, use the provided screw to fix the Aircare to the wall.

How much does the installation of Aircare cost?

Aircare is easy to install, just place it on a table or fix it on a wall. It won’t need any specialized staff.

What is Aircare?

Aircare is an IoT device used to measure your well-being: it records different values related to air quality, environmental comfort and electromagnetic pollution. It’s available in 3 different versions, with 8, 14 or 15 sensors, and it connects to your WiFi network (captive portal not supported). It has a micro USB power supply but can also operate on a battery with an autonomy up to 2 years

How many Aircare do I need?

Each Aircare covers an area of about 100/200 square meters in open space environments. It mainly depends on the ventilation system used and on the disposition of walls and doors. We suggest installing one Aircare for each room.

How long does it last?

We guarantee the measurements of each Aircare for 3 years, but it depends a lot on the environmental conditions in which it is exposed to (avoid very dusty and always closed environments).
Each Aircare comes with a 1 year warranty and options for extended warranty will be available.

Is Aircare resistant to water?

No, it is dedicated to indoor environments

What kind of technical maintenance is needed during the year?

None, the battery can last up to about two years. Any low level will be displayed both on the APP and on the light ring.

Android compatibility

APP available on the PlayStore. Minimum operating system supported: Android 5

iOS compatibility

APP available on the AppleStore. Minimum operating system supported: iOS 11

How many Aircare can I manage with the app?

Each APP user can manage up to 3 Aircare

WiFi networks supported

Standards: IEEE 802.11b / g / n
Frequency band: 2.4GHz
Security Mode: None, WEP, WPA version 1 and 2 (AES-CCMP or TKIP encryption / integrity)
Authentication mode: None, WPA-PSK
Captive-portal: Not supported

I am not able to connect the Aircare to my WiFi network

Possible causes:

  • you are trying to connect Aircare to a wifi network with captive portal (not supported)
  • the Wifi network does not have a protocol or a frequency among those supported

The firewall blocks Aircare

Aircare does not need to open streams on firewalls because it uses the same protocols used for consulting websites:

  • TCP / IP protocol ports 80 and 443

Can I set up hidden networks?

Yes, during the configuration it’s possible to choose one of the networks listed on the Aircare APP or manually enter the name of a network

Where is not recommended to install Aircare?

Aircare should not be placed near water or liquids or near flames or heat sources.
Do not place Aircare near objects that could damage or scratch it.
It is not recommended to place the device in very dusty environments and/or with high humidity (over 80%) or under direct sunlight.
Use only a dry cloth to clean the product – avoid chemical products.
Do not place Aircare in outdoor spaces: this device is designed to be used only in indoor environments.
Do not cover Aircare.
Dropping Aircare con break the device or lead to malfunction.
Do not pour liquids or food onto Aircare.
Keep Aircare out of the reach of children.

How to make best use of Aircare

Place Aircare on a flat surface; in case of wall fixing, use the supplied anchor.
Aircare must be positioned at least 20 cm away from other objects.
When transporting the Aircare case, do not disassemble any of its parts to repair it or modify its functions. In case of opening or attempted opening of the case, the product warranty will cease.
Do not blow or spray air on Aircare sensors.
Use only the supplied power adapter.
Aircare is not a laboratory device.
The data collected cannot be used for compliance with current regulations concerning environmental pollutants.
In case of persistent high values, contact an expert.
It does not replace professional advice and related certified measurements.

How long does Aircare take to stabilize its sensors?

Some of the sensors contained in Aircare need 24 hours for stabilization. Before this period, the data collected may not be reliable and it is advisable to leave Aircare active in the same place for at least 24 hours.

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