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Wellness centres are usually very large constructions, in which the recirculation of air is exclusively performed by air conditioning systems.

Aircare allows you to constantly check environmental values to better safeguard both your customers and your staff.


Athletes work out hard, either for fun or for business.

Such efforts generates a considerable production of human bio-effluents that increase indoor pollution by reducing the pleasure of staying in the plant. Checking air quality and ensuring corrective action will ensure healthier air and more satisfied customers.


Keeping the right environmental temperature and humidity level inside indoor swimming pools requires special attention for the healthiness of the indoor air.

The cleaning products used for the maintenance of the water and for the hygiene of the environments can in fact have an impact on the healthiness of the air breathed by athletes and staff.


Your customers rely on you, deciding to entrust to you their precious relax moments.

Dont disappoint their expectations. Offer them the best treatments in a stress-free environment with healthy, constantly supervised air.

Wellbeing starts with the air quality that we breathe


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