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Environments such as hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices are often characterized by a prolonged permanence of patients and medical staff.

each of them  brings their own baggage of contaminants, to which is added the indoor pollution caused by human bioflows.

In such situations, the key importance of air quality monitoring is clear.


Check what you breathe.

Safeguarding the health of both staff and patients, and the frequent possibility of infection, require greater and more constant monitoring; the results must be quickly consulted.


A place where pure air is a must.

In order to provide excellent care, a doctor’s office must also benefit from an environment in which care for the patient starts from the quality of the air they breathes.


People who choose to go to a clinic will be expecting a higher level of service than public facilities, beginning with the quality of the air.

In this eventuality the environmental values are used as well as a communication tool.

Your quality of life begins from the quality of the air you breathe.

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