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Control the air
you breathe

Aircare is an innovative system of air quality and indoor wellbeing monitoring which will increase the IAQ of your building.
We can make people happier and healthier with one click.

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Aircare redefines indoor wellbeing by focusing on controlling both air quality and comfort levels, putting people’s health first.

Constantly monitoring IAQ and indoor wellbeing

Our IoT devices constantly track up to 12 parameters to guarantee a healthy and productive workplace, elevating your employees experience in the office. Check our Dashboard to see real time measurements and graphic reports.

Data analysis and reports

Data analysis will give you an insight to understand how to better the air you breathe. Our monitors will read the data and suggest best practices to increase the quality of the air and the comfort of the occupants.

Fully integrated with
your air treatment system

Aircare can work along with the air treatment system as well as the BMS (Building Management System) of your building, such as:

Through “Aircare Proxy” you can track your indoor air quality, increase the productivity of your employees and elevate the overall experience of the occupants of any of your buildings.

Sharing is caring

Let people know you care about their wellbeing by sharing your data with the occupants of your building.

Aircare: your trusted IAQ partner

Whether your goal is to better your indoor air quality, decrease your costs by making your building more efficient or win points towards building certifications such as LEED, our technology will collect and elaborate the data and use it to suggest best practices which are fully personalised, flexible and scalable.

Discover how to achieve a healthy, productive and comfortable environment with Aircare®.

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Increase the efficiency and the sustainability of your building.

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Increase the productivity and reduce the abseinteism rating of your employees.

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