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Whether for pleasure or work, tourism operators rely heavily on customer feedback, both for loyalty and advertising.

Leaving a positive memory by offering to your customers an optimal environment in terms of air quality will certainly generate a considerable return.


Ancient artefacts preserved in museums are our historical memory.

However, time has made them fragile and not even in a showcase are they really safe. Among the potential threats, there is one that comes from the air, namely pollutants. A better protection of valuable works and artefacts will be achieved by monitoring air quality.


In the public transport sector, many people are typically concentrated in small spaces.

Whether in planes, trains, ships or buses, healthy air is paramount for passenger health and comfort on board.


In your hotel you should do everything to improve the experience of your customers’ stay, starting from the care for the services provided to the staff expertise.

As of today, you may stand out for the quality of air that you offer in your hotel.

Well-being starts with the air quality you breathe

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