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Aircare 2.0

Essential design for an innovative device.

Aircare Mini

The IoT Smart solution for Facility Management.

Dashboard IoT

Discover the IoT platform keys in hand.

Continuous monitoring of indoor air quality and comfort

Through the provision of IoT devices, we perform continuous monitoring of key parameters for indoor well-being with the goal of ensuring a healthy and productive work environment.

Access our Dashboard to check measurements and graphs in real time.

Data analysis and analytical reports

Through detailed data analysis and the preparation of analytical reports, the information gathered will serve as a starting point for the implementation of action plans aimed at improving indoor air quality and occupant comfort levels.

Integration with air treatment systems.

Aircare® is designed to integrate directly with air treatment systems or building management systems (BMS) in your workplaces, such as:

Grazie al modulo “Aircare Proxy” puoi ottenere il massimo controllo sulla qualità dell’aria interna, migliorando la produttività dei collaboratori e il benessere indoor del tuo ambiente di lavoro.

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