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Our advanced technology allows you to understand what you breathe

For any infrastructure, Aircare® can quickly become part of it.

Use the configuration app to connect AirCare® to your WiFi network (or Narrowband IoT) and collect environmental data.

Data may be sent to the McuboEnergy Platform or to your monitoring system (or through REST API).

Air Cleaners

Air circulation Systems

Windows opening

Lighting Control

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When you first connect to your Wi-Fi network (or Narrowband IoT), the App will allow you to easily configure Aircare®.

All you have to do is enter few data and the device will be up and running immediately.

Mcubo Energy

McuboEnergy: Aircare® is natively integrated with the system, for viewing and managing the collected data.

The platform allows post-processing of the collected data; it can also integrate other measuring devices and may implement corrective actions towards suitable devices.

For instance, if VOC thresholds are exceeded, it may switch on devices such as air cleaners or air conditioning systems.

Find out more about Mcubo Energy

Your own Platform

In addition, Aircare® allows you to send collected data to any monitoring platform using standard protocols such as HTTPS or MQTT (or through REST API).

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