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Essential design for an innovative device.

Improve indoor well-being. Make your work environment healthy and productive.


Aircare® is a small smart device, with a white smooth surface, a reduced size and a linear design.The side openings allow a continuous ventilation for an accurate and efficient measurement of the air quality.


Given its cubic shape, it can be positioned without the need of supports, for example, on shelves and tables.Where necessary, wall mounting is made available by the appropriate slot or by a display that can be branded with your company logo.

Installation and configuration

Ease and speed for the first installation of your Aircare.
Download the configuration App and activate your device in minutes.

Available for



The Aircare device can connect to the collection server (in cloud or intranet) via Wi-Fi or Narrowband-IoT.
Upon request, it can support the following wireless connectivity type: LTE-4G, LTE-M, LoRa, LoRa-WAN.

Sound and led indicators

Aircare is provided with LED indicators on top of the case. Based on the frequency of illumination and on the color, these allow you to understand the activity in progress and the general health of the device.

Sound indicators signal the switching on and off of the device.

Power supply

Aircare® is powered by an integrated battery (optionally rechargeable) that lasts over 12 months, or can be powered directly via the supplied micro USB cable.

Tech Specs

Aircare®, despite carrying out a timely and precise monitoring of environmental values, is not a laboratory tool.

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