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Why indoor air is critical

Even before COVID19 disrupted our lives, science has shown that living in unhealthy indoor environments can have serious consequences for our well-being.
It is estimated that concentrations of indoor pollutants can be up to five times higher than those outside.
A report published by Harvard (link) shows that pupils have better cognitive abilities (productivity +101%) in environments where air quality is optimal.


5 good reasons to monitor indoor air in schools

Here are 5 reasons why we think you should implement an Aircare service in your school:


1) Protect the health of children and staff.

We’ve already seen how indoor air quality can have short- and long-term health implications (link). Aircare measurement devices are capable of collecting several parameters, particularly with more focus on schools:

  • CO 2 ,a colorless, odorless greenhouse gas. Excessive levels of CO 2 are linked to complaints such as restlessness, drowsiness, difficulty in concentrating, sweating and headaches.
  • VOCs (or VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds) which can be emitted by cleaning products, paints, solvents and furniture, or even by ourselves. These compounds can cause headaches and irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.


2) Improves student and teacher performance

The air we breathe profoundly affects our ability to work and learn. In addition to the Harvard test named above, scientists have also recently discovered that high levels of carbon dioxide can cause acidification of the blood, with compensatory increases in the rate and depth of breathing. Dedicated indoor air quality measurement devices provide important information that highlights where remedial action is needed, such as adequate air exchange or how to properly ventilate rooms.


3) Enhance your school’s reputation

It is necessary for all students and staff in your school to work in a clean and comfortable environment. The Harvard Annual Review of Public Health also shows that poor indoor air quality is associated not only with lower productivity, but also with higher rates of absenteeism. The fact that students can produce higher results in a comfortable environment can definitely raise your school’s reputation.


4) Improve comfort in your building

In addition to detecting pollutants, our IoT devices can measure environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature, brightness, and atmospheric pressure, which determine our indoor comfort. Through our service, it will be possible to use the data received from the devices to create automations that also aim to save energy. Both the students and the entire staff will be able to live a healthier environment and work more efficiently.


5) Integration with systems currently in use

The Aircare service allows you to integrate the data collected with other ventilation systems and/or devices in the field. We can support you in designing and sending the data to your own software platform or BMS (Building Management System). Contact us to find out what are our methods of integration

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March 2024