Innovative Solutions for Space Management.

Occupancy & Counting.

Maximize the efficiency of your building. Through our detailed analyses you can transform your workplaces into more functional, safe and efficient spaces.


In an increasingly digital-oriented world, the “Occupancy & Counting” module, enables the use of a solution dedicated to optimizing workspaces.

IoT sensors for accurate analysis.
Main Features:

Presence Sensors:

Monitoring presence and motion in workplaces.

People Counting:

Reliable data for optimal space management.

Integrated Environmental Sensors:

Proactive system to prevent inefficiency and overconsumption.

Please note: in full compliance with privacy and GDPR compliant

Enterprise Platform Key Features:


Displays data and trends in easily interpretable formats.


Deep insights into space utilization and suggestions for optimization.


Receive dedicated reports for effective strategic planning.

Benefits for Facility Managers

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