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To use Aircare APP you need a smartphone with OS:

– Android 5 or higher versions
– iOS 11 or higher

User configuration

1. Download the APP from the stores (Android and IOS) and install it

2. Create an account or log in with email or social user (google or facebook)

3. Click on “Pair your Aircare”

4. Scan the QrCode under the Aircare and wait a few seconds to pair your Aircare

5. Now your smartphone’s WiFi will be disconnected in order to allow Aircare to configure itself. Click on the arrow at the bottom right

6. Select the WiFi network your Aircare must use to be connected

7.  Enter the password. click on the “eye” icon to see if it is correct

8. Enter the position of your Aircare

9. Give a name to your Aircare

Complete by clicking on END

Data View

The configured Aircare are presented in the data visualization dashboard in which you can find the location and the given name of each connected device.

By clicking on an Aircare you can access the scores of the following environments:
• Indoor well-being
• Air Quality
• Environmental Comfort
• Electromagnetic pollution

It is possible to select the display period by clicking on NOW: a drop-down menu will open with the following options:

By clicking on the icon you can access a list of individual measures. If the icon has red numbers it means that an anomaly has been detected that can be represented by a yellow (warning) or red (critical) indicator.

It’s possible to read every single detail of each one of the listed measurements: if one of these shows a yellow or red color it means that the reference threshold is about to be exceeded or has been exceeded.

In each measurement list you can find:

– The chart that indicates the trend of the measures collected
– The reference thresholds and the value of the last measure collected
– The weekly statistic
– A possible advice if the threshold has been exceeded or if it is being exceeded
– A description of each sensor
– Possible damage caused by the selected measurement


By clicking on the icon you can access the quick settings of Aircare.

From this screen you can:

• View the battery status
• Access all Aircare settings
• Rename the Aircare
• Change the Aircare position
• Delete the Aircare from the user to whom it has been associated


By clicking on the icon you can access the quick settings of Aircare.

By clicking again the icon you can access to:

Aircare information: where you can view the information of the Aircare (such as serial number, firmware, etc …)
Notifications: Section dedicated to push notifications of the associated Aircare (see next paragraph)

clicking on NOTIFICATIONS you can configure the push notifications that the Aircare device can send. The 3 environments are activated by default:

– Air quality
– Environmental comfort
– Electromagnetic pollution

It is still possible to activate notifications for each individual sensor


In the Profile section you can access the following sections:

1. Settings: these are the Aircare settings where you can:
• Sort, change the name or location of Aircare
• set up Aircare notifications
• view the Aircare information (such as serial number, firmware, etc …)
• delete the Aircare from the account with which you are logged in

2. Support: The FAQ and Support pages for Aircare
3. Contacts: it’s a contact form for requesting information and support
4. Terms and Privacy: access the terms and conditions of use of Aircare
5. Logout: disconnects the currently logged-in user from the APP

Aircare commands

Listed below are all the commands that can be manually performed on Aircare:

Turn on Aircare: to turn the device on, it is necessary to hold down the power button on the side for 4 seconds.
Battery check: By touching the upper ring on the top for 1 second you can check the battery status. Green light = battery ok, orange light = warning, red light = battery to be replaced.
Measurement request: by touching the upper ring for 4 seconds you can request an instant measurement of the Aircare. It is advisable to keep the device powered with a microUsb each time a manual measurement is requested.
Switch off Aircare: to switch off the device, press and hold the power button on the side for 6 seconds.
Factory reset settings: turn on the device by pressing the power button for 4 seconds, leave it pressed for another 10 seconds, the Aircare will start blinking with a blue light intermittently and will be ready to be paired/configured again with the App.
Firmware upgrade: Once configured (or with each new firmware release) the device can perform a firmware update. From the version of firmware 1.0.6 the Aircare will turn off and update, indicating the blink of the crown with purple color for about 40 seconds. After completing the firmware upgrade procedure, the Aircare switches on again (you will hear an audible signal and on the Aircare ring you will see a blue light followed by a green light than 1 blue blink light).

If connected with the supplied power cable, the Aircare collects measurements every 5 minutes; if battery powered it will collect measurements every 15 minutes.
If it shows a red light it means that the Aircare connection is not working.

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